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Sard writing room is a dedicated hub for Scriptwriters
Ever since it was founded by Mariam Naoum in 2016, Sard has become a safe space for aspiring screenwriters to develop their projects, improve their writing skill, and practice their creative freedom.

Sard has also pursued its essential goal of creating Arabic content that caters to the Egyptian and Arabic audience, reflecting their dreams, fears, struggles and their everyday life.

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Ahmed Badawi

“Sard” is not just a place of work; it’s a place for writers, where they’re provided the safety and freedom...

Mustafa Suleiman

For me “Sard” is like a peep show; a place that has so many stories, and each story has its...


Sard for me is where I started my journey with writing. I started working on Sard back when it was...


Sard is a perfect place to practice drama writing professionally; because it creates an environment suitable for writers with their...


For me "Sard" is an eye-opening experience. It took me to a whole new level with their robust foundation of...

Sara El Tobgy

For me, Sard was my first home. It was the first place to instill self-confidence in me, to believe in...